About Us

Crystalexport.in website was launched in June 2003 with the function of providing excellent quality gems and crystals along with in-depth extensive details on their attributes and also makes use of to gemstone enthusiasts just about everywhere.

Our company has actually been endowed along with a devoted buying of precious stone enthusiasts throughout the years.


CrystalExport.in is an elegant collection Crystal and Healing Jewellery,The collections include gold filled and sterling silver handcrafted Jewellery, beautifully offset with quality semi-precious gemstones and crystals.


Our Products:

Gemstones Earrings Brass, Silver Bracelets, Silver Earrings, Silver Necklace, Silver Pendants, Silver Ring, Chakra Energy Generator, Bonded Chakra Items, Reiki Ball Set, Reiki Set, Pagan-Wiccan Set and More..